AMBR Candles are a work of love, inspired by seasons, colours, special occasions and the celebration of simple everyday moments.

The idea to create a candle line came from my own experience of "low-budget living" - not having a large budget for decorating my home (or rather, having virtually no budget), but still wanting to live in a space that I loved, surrounded by things that made me smile.

I truly believe that no matter your taste or personal style, when you're living in a small space, the little things become even more important and the few items you choose to display should bring you joy and enhance the mood of the room.

I've always been fascinated by candles - my earliest memories of them are the simple white ones that my parents would light each night at the dinner table - something they still do today, a little tradition they started when they first moved in together.

I'm always on the hunt for special touches that can make my space my own - little things that don't cost the earth but still make a rented space feel like home. Objects that reflect your personal style and enhance your mood (whether that might be to calm or inspire, to uplift or to soothe), elevating the interior space and making you smile.

Like a human moth, I've always been drawn to candle displays at stores - but I've never been able to find exactly what I'm looking for - that's when inspiration struck and I decided to make what I was searching for. In the words of jewellery designer, Jennifer Fisher, "create something you feel is missing in your life.


Why AMBR? 

Besides the obvious reason that I really just love the name and the way it sounds - there is a deeper meaning behind why I chose the name, AMBR.

Amber is a form of ancient tree sap - fossilised resin that has long been revered in folk medicine and is said to have powerful healing properties. The ancient Greeks called it "Elektron", which translates to "Sun". Along with its golden yellow colour, Amber is also known to produce an electric charge when rubbed. 

Amber is also said to balance one's emotions, clear the mind, release negative energy, ease stress and calm any fears. Not at all dissimilar to the way that candles can bring warmth to a room. 


I hope you will love your AMBR candles and that they will help make your home, office or any other space, your "happy place".